Customer Driven iParts

Install BSCI iParts

An iPart is a special user control that is used in ASI's WCM/RiSE content management platforms. Most BSCI iParts are now deployed using the ASI Package Installer for iParts, but some may be .zip files. Here we provide some general guidance for installing most of our iParts.

You can also create your own custom iPart for use in WCM/RiSE websites and download it right from our site here.

.zip File Downloads

For .zip file downloads, extract the .zip file into a folder, review the readme file for any specific install steps and in general copy the various file components of the iPart to the respective folder(s).

  • .xml files - import content type into RiSE CMS
  • .ascx files - copy to /net/iparts/custom folder
  • .dll files - copy to /net/bin folder

ASI ipackage Install Files


For iMIS the link to the ASI Help Site reference for installing iParts is here.

To install an iPart package, save the .ipackage file to the C:\Program Files (x86)\ASI\iMIS\Net\package\pending folder (check paths on your local system). If the folders do not exist, move to the next step, which will create them for you.

Log in to the staff site and go to Settings > Utilities > Package installer. iMIS Package Installer Menu

Select the packages to install from the Show dropdown list and click Install. iMIS Package Install Page

Repeat this process on each additional application server that needs to host it. For example, if you host your staff site on your production iMIS application server and your Public view on an external webserver, add the Package Installer to a content record that displays in both websites. Make sure you set up the correct security permissions to the content item's page so that only authorized users are able to access it.

Since iMIS runs with a single database, you do not have to install a package on multiple servers if it only includes database-related objects. But a control is an application component, so you need to deploy it on each server that hosts it. A package can install multiple times on the same database. (and lower)

For iMIS the link to the ASI Help Site reference is here
(!packageinstallerutil.htm) (and lower)

For iMIS (and lower), he link to the ASI Help Site reference is here!packageinstaller3.htm