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Staff Contact Request iPart

Note: You can download a free trial of this part for iMIS 15 & 20!

         This trial version is avaliable for iMIS: 20.0.4.xx and 15.2.15.xx

This simple iPart allows true member engagement with staff. This is achieved by allowing members to send a ‘contact me’ message to a specific staff person as defined in the configuration of the part. An iMIS Activity tickler record is created for the intended staff person, which also is an iMIS Activity record on the member’s file and an email is sent to the staff contact with the user’s question. Short of an on-line chat tool, this simple iPart provides much more utility than the typical ‘mailto’ Contact Me pop-up.

Make it easier for your members to reach out to you!

  1. Simple Clean Display

    This is the main display panel.

    Main Display

  2. Targeted by Purpose

    For use in events, choose the event coordinator and for membership, choose the appropriate staff contact. Likewise the language is completely set by the user as well as the overall display size and text that dispklays on the button. This allows staff to design contact friendly text to encourage member engagement.

    Another messaging panel displays after the user clicks the button, this language is set by staff.

    Submit Display

  3. Engagement with Staff


    The activity record inserted in iMIS is a call activity type and is also an activity tickler for the staff.

    Activity Detail

  4. An Email Is Sent to Staff

    An email is generated with the submission of the ‘contact me’ note to help communicate the request from the contact to staff.

    Email Example

  5. Feature Set Highlights

    Part Configuration

  • Allows selection of full/casual users to assign iMIS Activity tickler record.
  • Option to send email to staff;
  • Several configuration options to customize the main display elements.
  • All messaging copy is configured based on intended use.
  • Built-In error handling, logs to Windows Application event log and also sends email.

By design the iPart is designed to facilitate communication with staff, the iPart configuration lists all full and casual users in the existing system.

User Configuration

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