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Word Merge iPart

Now with a built-in job persistence feature that allows a user to re-run merge jobs using the same Word document and IQA, even the merge fields that were mapped to IQA columns and run-time options are all saved each time you perform a successful merge allowing you to re-run any previous job.

If you have any questions about installing the part or need assistance, call JW Glass at 312-498-3889.

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Installation Demos - Watch the iPart installation in 3 simple steps:

BSCI Word Merge iPart Feature Set Highlights

  • Fully conforming ASI iPart.

  • Runs in Desktop, Web View or Public View.

  • Runs in iMIS 15.1 through 20.2.

  • Support for MS Word 2007, 2010, 2013 and Open Office word processing documents. Conforms to the Office Open XML File Format specification from Microsoft which is an open, international, ECMA-376 Second Edition and ISO/IEC 29500 standard.

  • Uses regular iMIS IQAs for all data access.

  • Set of 4 rich but simple run-time features (like create Activity record, etc..), support for en-US, en-GB, en-AU cultures.

  • No special setup like traditional MS Word merge documents to connect to an external data source.

  • New job persistence feature that allows a user to re-run merge jobs to use the same Word document and IQA.

  • Simple to use!

  • Word merges in iMIS don't get any easier than this!

    1. Build an IQA

      Any IQA will work but be sure and add ID if you want to create Activity records.

      Build IQA

    2. Add Merge Fields to Normal Word Document

      Take a normal Word document and add merge fields to it, no need to connect to a data source or use the normal Word merge features.

    3. Run the Tool

      Drill out and select a Word document..

      Word Panel

      Then select an IQA..

      IQA Panel

    4. Match IQA Data Columns to Word Merge Fields

      This is where you direct the iPart where to put the data in your document. Both IQA colummns and the Word fields are available for matching.

    5. Merge To New Document

      Set your run-time options and click to merge...

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