Independence through Training

Professional Development

iMIS User Training

Classes are taught at our downtown training facility. We also offer on-site training and 'At Your Desk' remote webinar training.

After-Training Support

When you are trained at BSCI (on site, at our offices or via the web) we don't abandon you! For up to two weeks after the course, we offer free email support for any subject covered by the course. And for up to 30 days, you can request one free coaching session to help you overcome any hurdles you may have encountered while putting what you've learned into practice.

Here's what people have said about our training and support:

  • "Thanks so much. This was very helpful and you did a terrific job. " -- Nick A.

  • "Thank you, Sheryl, for everything!" -- Sue S.

  • "THANK YOU so much for your time today. You really helped me getting the billing straight for our end of the year dues invoicing. Letting me essentially "drive the bus" in the go to meeting session was invaluable. I feel like I have a better handle on the steps since I was doing the work not just watching you. I appreciate your direction and patience." -- Paula S.

  • "That worked well. Thank you so much for your help and for the clear instructions. It is much appreciated." -- Dale S.

See our current instructor-led online training offerings.

Video Training

For a limited time, try our video training for free! Customer Relationship Management is broken down into two modules with small (up to 8 minute) lessons.

Also take a look at our Tips and Tricks - We've turned our most often asked questions into tips and tricks that you can use!

ASI iMIS Webcasts

1 hour webcast covering an iMIS module or application.
You must register with ASI, but the webcast is free.

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