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iMIS Online Instructor-Led Training

Take classes from the convenience of your own desk!

Classes currently being offered:

  • Customer Relationship Management for Full and Casual Users (2 half-day sessions)
    • This covers basic iMIS use in the Customer management module (where most iMIS work takes place)
  • Customer Relationship Management Setup for Administrators (1 half-day session)
    • How to set up iMIS tables, windows, etc.
  • Dues Billing (1 half-day session)
    • Covers reports before processing dues, processing dues, reports after processing dues, entering payments.
  • Intelligent Query Architect (4 modules) (3 half-day and 1 full-day session)
    • Module 1 covers where to find built-in IQA reports and how to find them (1/2 day)
    • Module 2 covers building queries first in basic mode, then in advanced mode (1/2 day)
    • Module 3 covers subtotaling and grouping queries, using queries as source objects (1/2 day)
    • Module 4 covers SSRS - creating reports, and formatting reports using Business Intelligence Design Studio (included with SQL), adding reports to member pages (full day)
  • Web Content Manager (2 half-day sessions)
    • First session covers creating a web site for your members using copy and updating pages
    • Second session covers creating a web site from scratch and creating new content
  • Events (1 half-day session)
    • Covers how to set up an event, multiple functions, register, accept payment, and run reports.

Each half day session is 3 to 4 hours in length.

Training is done in increments (to avoid eye fatigue and burnout).

  • 1.5 hours training
  • .5 hour for lab and break
  • 1.5 hours training

If two sessions are done in one day, there is an hour break between sessions.

There is a .5 hour document prep fee for each half day session

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