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Simple Receipt Printer iPart

Note: You can download a free trial of this part for iMIS 15 & 20!

         This trial version is avaliable for iMIS: 20.0.4.xx and 15.2.15.xx

This simple iPart expands member engagement through self-service by allowing the printing of a simple letter-type payment receipt. The receipt renders as a generic .pdf for the member’s most recent payment. Receipts can be generated for dues, event and order payments. Most display copy is configurable during setup by staff. The only display component is a simple print button.

Members can print their own receipt!

  1. Choose Receipt Type

    Staff choose receipt type when adding to content.

    Select Receipt Type

  2. Clean Minimal Look - Only a Button

    The default display component is a simple button to print a receipt. Staff can determine the width and copy of the button to use it in different scenarios.

    Use for a dues receipt.. Common Print Button

    Use for an event receipt.. Common Print Button 2

    Use for an order receipt.. Common Print Button 3

  3. .pdf Details

    The display components are all generated from html markup providing wide flexibility for customers to create an informative and custom designed receipt to serve most purposes.

    • Users can save receipt for personal use.
    • The third-party .pdf tool is a proven platform for .pdf generation.
    • The file name of the .pdf is defined by staff.

    Open PDF

    Streams from the browser and displays as a letter-type receipt.

    PDF Receipt

    The center payment grid is pre-defined and has basic payment details only, there is a version for check payments.

    Pay Detail Checks

    And a separate version for credit card payments.

    Pay Detail Credit Card

  4. Feature Set Highlights

    • Allows selection of DUES, MEETING or ORDER source system for payments.
    • Simple letter-type receipt format.
    • Several configuration options to customize the main display elements.
    • Includes seal and signature image blocks.
    • Always displays last payment only.
    • Built-In error handling, logs to Windows Application event log and also sends email.

  5. iPart Configuration

    Part Configuration

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