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Professional Referral Suite

Professional Referral Suite includes 3 components, back office for calls, website for self-service, and mentor/mentee website.

  • The back office component allows service representatives to respond to calls from clients. Client information is tracked as is search criteria. The search results are displayed and the provider profile can be reviewed. Once the provider is selected a notification is sent to both parties and the information is retained in the database for future reporting. If you currently use the iMIS referral system the data is compatible and the reports will continue to work.

  • The self-service component allows the client to perform on-line searches and selection. Currently no information is stored concerning the search.

  • The mentor/mentee component allows veteran providers to sign-up as mentors. New providers can sign-up to be mentees and select a mentor.

Easy to use:

Enter Last name, First name, Suffix and Zip Code and click Enter.

A list of clients with the same last name and first name, if any, will appear in the list, showing professional, panels, number of requests in the last 90 days.

Fill in the form fields (city, state and zip will already be filled in based on the zip code you entered).

In the search fields, enter up to three search criteria and in the dropdown select Either (to return names if any of the search terms match) or select All (to return names only if all the search terms match)

Enter other search criteria and click Find Professional - Note - Provider County doesn't necessarily mean the county where the professional has his office, but the county where he will practice. Some have all counties in the state.



A list of professionals matching selected criteria is returned.


Click on the View Profile link to see the professional's profile

Click the Add Referral button to add the referral to the system.


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