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Voluntary Contribution iPart

Note: You can download a free trial of this part for iMIS 20.2!

         This trial version is avaliable for iMIS: 20.2.xx.xx

Feature Set Highlights

  • Designed for simple VOL contribution by members and allows user determined amount,
  • built for RiSE Cart and SOA api, has easy package install,
  • allows filter of VOL fee products by product code,
  • configuration options to customize text for all display elements (button/panel),
  • works in Content Collection Organizer (CCO) or on stand-alone container page,
  • option to add all invoiced dues products to the Cart as well as the VOL product if used in dues renewal scenario,
  • built-in error handling, logs to Windows Application event log and also sends staff email alerts.


This simple iPart allows members to an iMIS VOL type fee product to the Cart and contribute to your organization.

  1. Main Display

    VOL products are presented in a grid and members can determine the amount they want to contribute!

    Main Display

  2. RiSE Cart

    Note the VOL contribution displays as a regular cart item and not as a pre-billed invoiced item.

    Cart Display

  3. Fees Before Payment

    Before Payment

  4. RiSE Order Confirmation

    Order Confirmation

  5. Fees After Payment

    Note, this is after the batch has been posted.

    After Payment

  6. iPart Property Configuration

    Various configuration options exist to provide the iPart flexibility for most customer scenarios.

    Part Configuration

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