Accounting Departments Love Us

Accounting Department Support

BSCI has considerable experience supporting the iMIS AR/Cash and Full Order Entry modules. Consider BSCI if you are considering a new credit card gateway vendor, we are always open to discussing your specific circumstances and your organization will benefit from from our many years of payment processing and accounting suport.

  • Payment Reconcilliation Support
    Getting payments processed in iMIS is only the first step when implementing a new payment processing method. We always focus on working with our customers accounting departments to develop a simple and accurate reconcilliation process for payments received in iMIS that suits each customer's busienss practices. We can implement simple or a more exacting form of payment reconcilliation.

  • Lockbox Paper Payment Support
    Our customers have always relied on us to work with banking staff to insure any payments received outside of iMIS can be imported into iMIS and applied to the appropriate member record. BSCI has a wide variety of experience supporting bank lockbox integrations for our customers. We can create custom scanable documents like payment tickets or custom forms, that users download from your site, which are suitable for processing by financial institutions.

  • Order Processing Support
    For customers that need to provide order or sales data to a warehouse/fulfillment/mailing house, BSCI provides process automation using iMIS Task Center or Talend Open Studio. We design and build sophisticated systems to automate business processes that involve exchanging data, running programs, sending files or emails with receipts, data or correspondence.

  • Payment Processing Support
    We provide comprehensive support for credit card or ACH payments that originate in the iMIS desktop, iMIS Public Views, WCM/RiSE sites or your own custom web applications. We directly support several credit card gateway vendors (including American Express and ACH) and leverage what others in the ASI community have done to support other gateway vendors. We have custom payment iParts adaptable to your unique needs as well as web tools for users to print custom payment receipts, eliminating calls to staff.

    Learn more about BSCI's payment processing solutions for credit card, ACH and paper payments here.

  • iMIS AR/Cash Support for Accounting Departments
    We can provide any type of iMIS AR/Cash module support for your organization and some of our staff have academic accounting backgrounds. No matter what your issue, we have seen it all here at BSCI over the years. For example, for those iMIS customers deferring income, BSCI can adjust and troubleshoot deferred income distributions in iMIS if you notice your distribution amounts are not what you expect. This usually occurs when incorrect dates were assigned to paid fee products.

  • iMIS GL Integration Support for Accounting Packages
    Integration with most of the popular accounting packages has always been an important reason customers buy iMIS. We have supported general ledger integrations with most of our iMIS customers on most of the common accounting platforms: Great Plains, Peachtree, MAS 90-, Solomon, Quickbooks Pro, etc.. When ASI does not support your accounting package out-of-the-box, then we use ASI's Generic GL Interface to create a custom solution. We have also implemented other more detailed custom cost accounting integrations in the past.