iMIS AiSP Customer Support

Why has BSCI been an 11 time Winner of the Advanced Solutions International Chairman's Circle Award and winner of the ASI Customer Satisfaction award for demonstrating highest level of customer commitment among all iMIS resellers nationwide?

Because we are dedicated to Customer Satisfaction! Our commitment is to help customers get from your Association Management System what it promised to deliver.

Customers in need of more comprehensive support now take advantage of BSCI's Managed Services Program. The BSCI Managed Services Program provides Associations with a Virtual CIO, a Chief Information Organization that not only provides leadership in the areas of Business Systems Analysis and Technology Planning and Management, but also provides the day-to-day optimization and support services that will keep your operations streamlined and moving ahead.

This program is ideal for small and emerging Associations by allowing Association Leadership to focus on vision, strategies for growth, and constituent needs.

As an Authorized iMIS Solution Provider (AiSP), BSCI currently supports over 50 Associations using our solutions. We have a full-time consultant/technical staff totally dedicated to supporting you.

Call us today to inquire about our Managed Services and Customer Support Programs.

For more information, please call Jon Guenther at (312) 553-1253 x223 or email

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