Customer Driven iParts

Custom iPart Development

For those that don't know, an iPart is an iMIS-specific web part that represents a building block of features that you can place on a content record with other building blocks to create new pages of features. You can combine and display multiple iParts on a page.

Of course, an iPart is a special user control that is used in ASI's WCM/RiSE content management platforms. But if you are reading about our iPart development efforts, then you likely already know what an iPart is and as you know, the best thing about an iPart is that you get what you want.

Because with iParts there are few restrictions on what you can do. We have iParts that print things, handle process flow, accept payments and do what our customer's want, the way they want it done.

We employ the ASI APIs (iBO or SOA), custom bridges from other AiSPs or write our own solutions as like most iMIS Solution Providers we know iMIS pretty well and some staff are Certified iMIS Extension Developers. We have had good results making iParts work together and especially in using ASI's standard iParts in conjunction with our own custom iParts.

And, iParts provide a smaller shop like BSCI the ability to compete with larger resellers as there is not as much effort needed for platform overhead and deployment support. iParts allows us to focus our creativity and knowledge of iMIS and constituency organizations efficiently for our customers.

You can create your own custom iPart for use in WCM/RiSE websites and download it right from our site here.

Review our documentation for installing BSCI iParts here.