Experience Matters

Ways We Extend iMIS & Product Integrations

  • Custom Site Security Solutions
    We can implement custom security and authentication solutions using out-of-the-box iMIS or provide more flexibility if customers need it. Present your particular needs to us and we will provide a fit-gap assessment and make sure you understand what your organization's options are.

    To learn more about some of our security support offerings and work, please click here.

  • Accounting Package Integrations
    Integration with most of the popular accounting packages has always been an important reason customers buy iMIS. We help customers over the 'last mile' type problems with creative ideas and years of experience supporting accounting departments at non-profits and constinuency organizations.

    To learn more about our accounting package support please click here.

  • Payment Gateway Integrations
    We provide comprehensive support for credit card or ACH payments that originate in the iMIS desktop, iMIS Public Views, WCM/Rise sites or your own custom web applications. We directly support several credit card gateway vendors (including American Express and ACH) and leverage what others in the ASI community have done to support other gateway vendors. We have custom payment iParts adaptable to your unique needs as well as web tools for users to print custom payment receipts, eliminating calls to staff.

    Learn more about BSCI's payment processing solutions for credit card, ACH and paper payments here.

  • Roster Management
    Certain constituency organizations based on a hierarchical model have a need to provide roster management services. For example, designated users or agents that maintain the information of others. BSCI has provided custom desktop and web applications that assist field staff or agents to organize, inform and maintain groups of constituents.

  • Process Automation with Task Center & Talend
    For customers that need to provide order or sales data to a warehouse/fulfillment/mailing house, BSCI provides process automation using iMIS Task Center or Talend Open Studio. We design and build complex systems to automate business processes that involve exchanging data, running programs, sending files or emails with receipts, data or correspondence.

  • Database Replication

    For organizations that have to exchange or share data with sister or child entities BSCI has experience creating and supporting data replication systems using: MS SQL, Talend Open Studio, custom service-based applications, etc...

    BSCI still supports the original ASI Symmetry replication tool for iMIS.