Payments Your Way

Payment Gateway Integration & Support

If you want full control over the entire payment experience, and the flexibility to fully customize your payment solution BSCI provides comprehensive support for credit card or ACH payments that originate in the iMIS desktop, iMIS Public Views, WCM/Rise sites or your own custom web applications.

No matter who your bank or gateway vendor is, BSCI can help with the custom gateway integration and implementation.

We work with your gateway vendor, accounting and membership staff and your site development team to insure every dollar can be accounted for and reconciled to a deposit.

All of our gateway implementations are consulting-ware and integrate with the iMIS desktop, iMIS Public Views, and iMIS RiSE/WCM Sites.

To learn more about our accounting department support services, please click here.

  • PayPal
    This is the original iMIS supported gateway vendor. We have broad experience supporting most of the PayPal api's and this is the most popular gateway vendor for customer's using iMIS.

  • Authorize.Net
    Authorize.Net is another of the most popular national credit card processing gateway vendors. BSCI provides full support for this gateway vendor.

  • American Express Payment Gateway
    We have certified American Express web services api gateway code ready for your implementation. American Express has a higher bar to accessing their pulic gateway services and each customer must pass a validation test with their code before processing live transactions.

  • PayPal Payflow ACH Payment Service
    This is our preferred ACH gateway vendor. Settlement times are longer with ACH payments and the return rate is always higher, so we plan your reconciliation processing with this in mind.

  • Receipt Printer iPart
    We have developed a custom iPart allowing users to print to print a simple receipt of their last transaction, allowing for member self-service, based on rules you decide. There are several configuration options for some display and formatting features.

    Learn more about our receipt printer here.